Aside from Spherion of Lima, Inc., The Schulte Group also consists of one other recruiting and staffing company. Individually or together, all two entities can provide your company with integrated solutions to meet the evolving staffing needs and priorities of your company.


Established in 1992 in Lima, Ohio, National Staffing Alternatives, Inc. (NSA), is your source for alternative staffing services. We provide professional contracting and leasing services in a variety of business settings throughout the United States. NSA can become the “employer of record” for employees at your business locations. For more information, Visit Us.

What are leased employees? As a leased employee, it must be the employers intent to keep the employee, at a minimum, of one year and a day in order to qualify. This concept allows businesses to attract and most importantly retain talented employees, as well as provide affordable benefits.

 What are contracted employees? A contracted employee would be fulfilling short term and long term projects typically in a white collar environment such as IT and Engineering positions.