Your Direct Hire Solution

Our Local Expertise, Your Advantage

“Locally focused, we are constantly building relationships with the diverse, talented people who live in our community.”

Recruiting & Building Your Full-time Staff… We’re not just another staffing company! Finding, screening and hiring full-time employees can monopolize your time – time that could be spent finishing that proposal, preparing for the board meeting or enjoying life outside of work!

As an employer of hundreds of thousands of people, Spherion is an expert at finding and hiring high-demand, high-performing employees. Today, Spherion shares that vast recruitment know-how with businesses nationwide through direct hire services. 

Our Expertise, Your Advantage: Combining nearly 60 years of staffing and recruiting expertise with teams of exceptionally skilled local market recruiters, Spherion is able to source, screen and deliver talented, highly productive people who will contribute to your business success. We manage the entire recruiting process – from advertising and sourcing to screening and interviewing – quickly and effectively placing highly qualified office professional employees on your full-time staff.

Local Focus…: When you’re a local, you know the best people and places to go, and the off-the-beaten paths that will get you there. It’s a mentality that supersedes business; it’s one that’s rooted in relationships, honesty and a genuine care for the community. We’re your local staffing team and when you work with Spherion, you’ll discover the depth of value that brings. 

When you’re ready to add full-time employees to your staff, leave the recruitment challenges to Spherion and our direct hire experts.  Call 567-289-3134 or click here to contact your Direct Hire partner today!: Contact Us Today!