Temp-to-Hire & Flexible Staffing

Temp-to-Hire & Flexible Staffing Solutions

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. When you need to add talent to your organization, you have options. And, each one brings unique advantages to your business.

Which tailored solution is best for you?


Want to preview a candidate’s on-the-job performance before you make a permanent hiring decision? A temp-to-hire solution can give you that opportunity. It’s also advantageous for employers delaying a permanent hire due to fixed budgets. Discover the value that temp-to-hire staffing can bring you!

Flexible Staffing

Need someone to step into a position for an interim period? Flexible staffing is an ideal solution. Designed with 11th hour requests in mind, it’s the perfect contingency plan for short-term workforce gaps. Whether you need someone for three days or three months, Spherion has a robust database of qualified candidates ready to take the baton and run.

Workforce Management Solutions

Looking for a more strategic and cost-effective way to manage your workforce? Spherion applies 70 years of recruiting and staffing expertise to your hiring initiatives.

Spherion On-Premise offers dedicated onsite support for your workforce needs. With this solution, our team acts as an extension of your HR department, fulfilling the day-to-day staffing requirements of your business.

Managed staffing applies our knowledge, tools and technology to your HR practices. With this solution, Spherion handles all of the administrative and technology functions of your hiring process, allowing you to source, recruit, hire and manage talent more effectively.